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The leaves outside may be turning orange and brown, but 2Jane is going green!

Throughout the month of October we're celebrating our favorite ways to keep eco-chic. We're kicking off the month with green products we love-- from house-hold to pretty-to-hold. 

By now, most of us understand the significance of eating organic food and the harm that chemicals in our food can have on us. Even if you eat as organically as possible, you're still at risk of ingesting harsh chemicals when the containers you eat your food out of or store it in are not organic/eco-friendly. Fear not, we've found some simple solutions to keeping your food green and your body clean. 

Eco-ditty sandwich and lunch bags are more than just a pretty face— these reusable bags contribute to keeping plastic bags out of landfills and PVC/BPA from touching your food. As if the variety of groovy patterns and colors didn't sell themselves, these bags are all made from 100% Organic Cotton and use only low-impact inks and dyes to make prints as cute as their name.  

Many people are (finally) learning the scary affects of BPA in plastic water bottles. One sure-fire way of making sure your water bottle is BPA free is to go plastic-free and make the switch to glass. Yes, glass. The BKR water bottle is the Ritz Carlton of water bottles. I can't be alone in my opinion that everything tastes better, and stays colder, in glass. On top of that, the bottles have a silicon sleeve that is by far my favorite texture to have in my hand ever. The down-side: there are too many cute colors to choose from, so this water bottle will cause an internal struggle to the indecisive. 

It seems like everybody's drinking iced-coffee these days, and even those attempting to save cups at Starbucks are probably doing so by using a not-so-eco-chic plastic cup. This to-go cup stands apart from the rest; the cup and the straw are made of glass. We love that they took their eco-efforts a step further to keep your drinks as green as possible! Check out The Glass Cup Shop to get one for yourself in either a white, green, or red lid. 

Textiles and cloth items...

we use, such as towels and napkins, are usually used to keep our hands and ourselves clean. So naturally, we should opt for textiles that are clean and green themselves. 

It's amazing how quickly we go through paper towels and how wasteful I feel each time I toss out another roll. Man in the Moon Herbs was smart enough to make the "unpaper towel" from bird's eye cotton to make clean up, and our contributions to the environment, a little easier. You can order a variety of combo-packs/ colors directly from them on their Etsy store. 




Tea towels aid in both kitchen clean up and (especially when they're this cute) kitchen decor. I love the look of these hand-drawn, silk screened prints from Oh, Little Rabbit's Etsy shop, shown here in Octopus. Each of the tea towels, and other products from this shop, are uniquely hand-made on 100% Organic cotton. 

I'd seen these Turkish pestemal towels at a yoga studio before, but never knew their multi-faceted uses until recently. They are thin, highly absorbent, and can be used for the beach, bath, or yoga and are ideal for travel as they take up very little space and air dry quickly. As you can see, they come in so many captivating colors, so it's a good thing you can choose 6 of them for $165 at this Etsy site. 

Unless you plan on living in a bubble...

...which would probably be made of plastic anyway, it's impossible to sustain perfectly eco-friendly conditions at all time. But, you can contribute to keeping your own home an environmentally conscious sanctuary. Here are a couple of items that can contribute in a small way to a bigger picture. 


Wool dryer balls make for an eco-friendly and non-toxic alternative to dryer sheets, keeping both the environment and the body in your clean clothes happy. Each is handmade from 100% virgin wool and promises to reduce wrinkles and drying time (added bonus: they can be scented with your favorite essential oil).Head on over to the husband and wife team The Swiss Miss Closet to try a set our for yourself. 


I'll be honest and admit that I first decided that I had to have these Swiffer covers because they were just so cute I thought looking at them would make me want to dress up my Swiffer and actually clean my floors. But the real reason we should all get them is that they will keep landfills from filling up with those awful disposable covers. A set of 3 is only $12.50 and they are machine washable! 

Stay Green!


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  • Roxie Mae Lackman