Photo Essay Friday: Street Art in Rome & Montreal


During my travels in recent months I was lucky enough to visit 2 world cultural capitols for the first time... I have to admit that eating was a favorite part of both journeys, most notably Leméac in Montreal (try the French Toast dessert, yes that's the correct course!) and La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali in Rome, where you'll want to try any of the daily fresh pasta, but it was the random acts of street art that captured my imagination and heart...


(Left) Graffiti street art in Montreal; (right) A closed shop in Rome uses graffiti to decorate its doors.

These images were taken on a single back street of Rome, during a stroll back to the hotel after a Midnight dinner. The souls depicted in these images run dark and deep as do the minds of those who created them...


In Montreal I was most impressed by the scale of these spectacularly depicted images. Consuming entire sides of buildings, this faux family portrait shows more humanity than your average urban gallery offering. Thank you to the proud Québécois for intertwining their art with their city blocks...



Happy weekend!

-Roxie Mae

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  • Roxie Mae Lackman