House of the Rising Sun


One of my favorite parts about summer is the lingering sunlight. I love being able to dine al fresco and enjoy a beautiful view until almost 9pm or baking in the sun on the beach until the early evening. There are so many days that we wish we could grasp on to sun and hold it in place, forcing the daylight to never end. What if it didn’t have to? In some parts of the world, it doesn’t.

The midnight sun is just that—a natural phenomenon in which the sun shines during the midnight hour and well beyond, provided the weather conditions are clear. 

The phenomenon of the midnight sun is most dynamic at the northermost and southernmost parts of the plantet., i.e. the Arctic and Antarctic circles, and most brilling from June 11 -- July 2.

If you want to shoot your own spectacular photos under the midnight sun, you have several options. Canada, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Russia, Sweden,  Iceland, and even the United States (Alaska) all experience this phenomenon.  Many of these locations hold festivals and parties welcoming the midnight sun and the summer season.

We were delighted to see these recent photos by 2JANE catolog photographer AO Thor. Shot in early June, he found these fetching and fashionable women roaming the streets of reckyvaik.



 AO Thor resides in Reykjavik, Iceland where works as a freelance photographer, focusing on fashion and advertising photography. He came to the US in 2002 and studied at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in our home state of Florida. 

North Cape, Norway, the northernmost point of Continental Europe, is often regarded as being the best location for a midnight sun viewing.The midnight sun period extends from May 14 until July 30 here.  





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  • Roxie Mae Lackman