New Vintage: the welcomed come-back of the retro beach look


Last week’s “celebrate summer” post, in all of its American glory, left a lingering nostalgia in my mind. Not that I was actually around for the age of innocence, but I’ve always had a fascination with 1950s/60s  design, fashion,  movies, and overall way of life. My interest began when I was a little girl and my mom introduced me to the 1960s television series Gidget starring the chronically adorable Sally Field.

                                               (this picture isn't as relevant, but seriously, how cute is she??)

Gidget’s influence on pop culture and fashion is the quintessential California beach girl. She encompasses innocence and the girl next-door demeanor, while still being able to surf with the (oh -so-cute) boys. Her style is both feminine and functional, and as with all fashion of the era, always accentuates the waist and maintains a sense of modesty.


On the opposite coast of the style spectrum, Coco Chanel’s influence on fashion started earlier in time, but lasted through the present day. Her style spoke to a more mature audience while still keeping with modesty and femininity. Although the designer herself was French, American fashion was forever influenced by her designs.

In today’s fashion, I’m noticing a huge trend that beautifully marries the two seemingly unlikely looks. Black + White stripes (and stripes in general) have made a come back in a BIG way, drawing both from Coco Chanel’s use of the pattern and the striking contrast of old black+white beach photographs from the Gidget generation. Black+white  and stripes on the beach are out-ruling the norm look of bright colors and tropical patterns on everything from beach chairs to swimwear.






(I have the first one and it is SO flattering. Get it here and the second one here)

Swimwear is slowly but surely taking on a more old-school feminine approach. One-pieces are not your mother’s swimsuits anymore and have once again been dubbed “sexy.” The string bikini is on its way out; bustier-style tops and high-waisted, structured bottoms are tip-toeing their way back in.


Check out Urban Outfitters for the first style and more like it.

Thank you,  vintage style predecessors, for allowing us to once again feel comfortable and confident on the beach! 


Keep Beachin'


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  • Roxie Mae Lackman