Americana Vacation, Iconic Destination: Hotel Valley Ho


For my warm weather Holiday I visited the Hotel Valley Ho, where the sky meets the Sonoran Desert in architect Frank Lloyd Wright's beloved town of Scottsdale, AZ. Built in 1956 and currently owned by Westroc Hotels & Resorts, this vintage 178-room gem was designed by one of Wright's proteges, Edward L. Varney, and was frequented by movie stars and sports heros in its heyday.

Today it stands as a beacon of Americana mid-century modern design thanks to a 2002-05 highly stylized renovation by Scottsdale-based architectural & interior design firm Allen + Philp.

Hotel Valley Ho today.

The original 1956 Hotel. 

The main lobby resembles a well appointed home rather than a public space.

Original art and decor pepper the perfectly edited indoor landscape.


Walls of geometric mirrors, organically curving furniture, and a rainbow pallet of avocado, orange, and sky blue define 50s' chic.

The hotel's perfectly maintained grounds, punctuated by citrus trees, lush grass, and the eternally blue sky, are as fresh and inviting as the interiors.


The illusion of outdoor rooms enhance the feeling of residential coziness.

Even the quirky graphics celebrate 50s' carefree bubble gum spirit.

Fun in the sun was had by all, including my sweet Mother and the Mibo Paper Animals, seen here frolicking in the desert landscape...


Happy Summer Holidaying,

Roxie Mae

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  • Roxie Mae Lackman