Presidents, Pole Position, & a Paen to Ballet


As someone who very nearly devoted her career to studying dear Mr. Lincoln I can't let today pass without a nod to the best American EVER. Made up of equal parts intellect, melancholy, & wit and losing as many elections as he won, he beat all the odds coming out of political retirement and getting elected President as the 1st Republican, anti-slavery nominee so he could reverse the newly legislated legality (via the Kansas/Nebraska Act and the Dred Scott decision) of America's worst humanitarian transgression. He stands eternally at the crossroads of liberty and equality, our 2 greatest contributions to government of, by, and for the people. Thank you, Mr. Lincoln.

And to Mr. Washington today I say I'm so very sorry no one heeded your warning against a 2-Party system. At least they had the good graces to respect your humble wish to not be called 'King'.

As long as we're dancing a political jig, I must acknowledge the newly revamped news & arts journal The New Republic and suggest you check it out if you've never experienced its essays! First published in 1917, this venerable publication has recently received a face lift to include even more insight into the arts and current events. As a 20-year devotee I'm sorry I haven't yet begun reading the 1st 2 issues, which are packed for my Grand Canyon vacation next week, but I'm heartened by the fact that female phenom Zero Dark Thirty (and my personal favorite Point Break) director Kathryn Bigelow is the subject of the 1st piece in the 1st issue. And the Obama cover story has already been oft quoted by talking heads... nevermind that it's The President's thoughts on NFL roughness that have received all the attention...

Another worthwhile publication, this one fashion focused, 2 issues strong is CR Fashion Book by former French Vogue Editor Carine Roitfeld. Few things warm my heart more than Lincoln or the notion that there is still an audience for A NEW PRINT PUBLICATION, so I couldn't be happier that Roitfeld managed to sell out her first issue last Fall—an abstract look at rebirth—and on the 28th will release her 2nd issue, this time featuring a ballet theme. Along with the most fashion-forward photos around, her book is personal (she chose ballet because she's just begun lessons), avant-garde, and unafraid. And who else could have scored still photography from art-house-meets-leading-man-eye-candy and possibly pervy director Gus van Sant?

And a final word on yet another rulebreaker and gamechanger and, yes importantly, a woman, Danica Patrick. Yesterday she scored the 1st ever Pole Position in the Daytona 500. Photographed below with 2nd place finisher Jeff Gordon and his daughter, reportedly Gordon told Patrick that his XX-chromosome offspring did not understand she too could race cars until she saw Danica perform. They all agreed it was important to include the young one in their celebratory photo shoot. You don't have to be Lincoln to make a significant difference in the world around you. Tracy Chapman would agree that a 'Fast Car' is sometimes enough to take you to new places...


Yes, it's a bright day for history indeed. Thank you to Lumio for this fantastic new book-shaped portable and rechargeable lamp, which throws 500 lumens of LED light, good enough to pull into bed with you as you catch up on your presidential biographies...


Happy Birthday Mr. Presidents

Roxie Mae

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