Mibo Tile Tattoos in Cobalt Blue, A Devilishly Divine Color


We're delighted to introduce COBALT TILE TATTOOS, as a cost efficient way to add character and pop and make a room sing with care-free Mediterranean delight.

A color created with the essential Element Cobalt, which comes from the German word Kobald—underground goblin or evil spirt—and the Greek word for mine—cobalos—these bold, blue compounds have been used in the decorative arts since at least the Middle Ages. First used in its pure form commercially in France in 1807, it was such a hit that Vincent Van Gogh allegedly told his brother Theo, "Cobalt blue is a divine color and there is nothing so beautiful for putting atmosphere around things."

Of course in more recent pop culture, Meryl Streep immortalized bright blue as Cerulean in the most powerful (and my favorite) scene from 'Devil Wears Prada', in which she lays out exactly how art and commerce combine to carry a color from runway elite status to fashion for the masses.

The vivid color is no less important to home decor and is especially masterful when paired with stainless steel counters and appliances or a predominantly white space. We do hope you'll take a spin on the colorwheel and give it a try!

Roxie Mae




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  • Roxie Mae Lackman