'To the Loo' with The Seattle Times on SuperBowl Sunday


Thanks to Becca Teagarden, Home Goddess Extraordinaire, for Tile Tattoo coverage in The Seattle Times Pacific NW Magazine. Not only is this possibly our most original coverage—tying the Tile Tattoos to the notion of toilet breaks during SuperBowl Sunday is wildly clever—but the coverage is second-to-none in its accuracy as the tats are 'Goddess-tested and -approved' by Ms. Teagarden, a 2JANE customer. 2JANE loves The Seattle Times and we appreciate having space in one of the countries last surviving Sunday newspaper magazines...

Mibo Owl Engages in a Heated Game of Fussball in Anticipation of Sunday's Big Game!

Mibo Paper Animal Engates in FusBall pre-SuperBowl

As for the SuperBowl, let's talk commercials. I sincerely hope the pre-show online campaigning and social media saturation has delivered all advertising parties adequate bang/viewings/posting/votings for their $3.8 million bucks per ad. Just a few short years ago critics were complaining that companies were churning out uninspired 30-second ads not yet reflective of the digital age. And now, the communications powers-that-be have figured out, not so much how to wow us with visual wonder, but how to channel the free (key word here) flow of word-of-mouth chatter that is the true legacy of today's advanced information age.

I'd prefer to see a George Lucas-styled vision of the Clydesdales running convincingly across the frozen surface of one of Jupiter's moons, then cut to the local frogs on Mars enjoying their Budweisers, but instead I have the delight of helping name the latest addition to the brood. Cute and sweet and a whole lot cheaper for the The Executives to produce. All the technical advancements in the world won't change what matters most. $$$$$$$$...

...Leading me to a hip hip hurray to the official return of money and this week's 14000 point market! Best market start since 1989.

Roxie Mae

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