Bloody Good Healthy Bloody Marys from Scratch, Gluten-Free Vodka


Whether consumed as a savory hair-of-the dog treat or a culinary brunch pleasure, Bloody Marys are an essential part of my Sunday diet. And, as the Super Bowl approaches, they just might get bumped to Monday... After too many beers I suggest you pull out your travel mugs and fill 'er up for a morning pick-me-up! Or, consider treating yourself when you wake up early on Sunday to prepare your football feast.

Quick History

Said to be named after Henry VIII's papal sympathizing daughter, Queen Mary I, who disapproved of Daddy's creation of the Church of England and so spent her 6-year tenure on the throne slaughtering protestants (tomatoes represent the killing & Vodka the fire in her soul) the drink was allegedly created in Paris' famed Harry's Bar by Ferdinand 'Pete' Petiot. He brought it to post-Prohibition fame at the stunningly beautiful St. Regis Hotel's King Cole Bar in NYC (the Maxfield Parrish murals make it well worth the visit) where the concoction remains the signature cocktail. Nevermind that it was originally named the Red Snapper...

When I go out locally, the bloodies at The Postcard Inn in St. Pete are world class... But here's a from-scratch recipe my good friend Poppy punctuated by using her own fresh tomato mix that can be enjoyed in privacy as you nurse your hangover.




No shakers necessary and certainly no exact measures needed as part of the glory of this drink is tasting as you go! Bloodys are best made by the batch in a pitcher. But you can mix the tomatoes separately and make each glass separately as you go...

1 box 26-oz strained tomatoes mixed with 1 C water (Poppy uses Pomi brand all natural) or 3/4 C water and 1/4 C clam juice. Will make a round of drinks for 3-4.

Per Glass

2-3 oz vodka (I strongly recommend Tito's Vodka from Austin. It's Gluten-Free and fabulous!)

tomato/clam juice mixture to fill up glass (pint glass recommended). Low Sodium V-8 & Clamato juice work as well. Plain tomato juice is a 'no' as is Peppered Vodka.

1/4t fresh horseradish

2-3 dashes Tobasco or try Pete's sauce (normally used for Collared Greens)

3-4 dashes Worcestershire Sauce

couple slices of lemon & couple slices of lime (both used together are a must!)

salt and pepper to mix in for taste & then to garnish on top

finish with a pickled veggie of your choosing (fresh celery and celery salt are fine but not my preference). Okra, green beans, radish are all fantastic options! Big green olives a classic, but if there are no straws involved a sprinkling of capers are outstanding!

For extra zing try a hint of fresh, chopped garlic or a tiny pinch of dried Thyme ground in your hand before adding.

Coming soon... How I learned to pickle the veg for my bloodies!

Roxie Mae



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