Navy is a Go; Girls Say 'No' to BVO


I'd like to give a nod to navy at the SAG Awards for an understated statement. Worn by J Law, Busy Phillips, and Amanda Seyfriend, whose art-deco embellished, lavendar-jade necklace by Lorraine Schwartz was an equally well styled moment, the rich, saturated color blue proved a worthy companion to the red carpet. Better than black, except maybe Ann Hathaway who really managed to pop in her paneled frock...

Speaking of colors, I'm not one bit surprised that Tina Fey is revealing her true tones by once again calling out Lena Dunham in an ambiguously unkind way. Given that Dunham is nothing other than clever and growing more famous with every episode of Girls, there's no explanation for Fey's mention of her except the usual Girl-on-Girl meanness. I've been unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of Fey's and Amy Poehler's whispers and steely looks at an SNL after-party nearly a decade ago, and I haven't forgotten how much it reminded me of my worst days in high school... Now the rest of the world has seen it too.

In a gloriously positive girl moment, teenager Sara Kavanagh online-petitioned Gatorade to remove Bronimated vegetable oil (BVO) from the formula used for a limited number of flavors, including my personal favorite Orange. Two-hundred-thousand signatures later, PepsiCo is phasing it out for US customers, as they had previously for their drinkers in Japan and Europe. Although results are inconclusive regarding the inclusion of this ingredient, which aids the cohesion of colors and flavors, high doses have led to behavioral changes in lab tests. I say if you don't need it, don't add it! It's the same reason we pulled PVC from the bulk of our window films!

In other victories, The Boy Scouts of America are considering the inclusion of gays... And leaders of Chick-Fil-A and Campus Pride, a gay, lesbian, and bi leadership organization for colleges and universities, have become fast friends after finding the common bond of religion. After a scurrilous spar last year, the southern chicken sandwich king, Dan Cathay, and Campus Prides' Shane Windmeyer bonded at college football's Chick-fil-A bowl. I caught Windmeyer on CNN this a.m. and he sounded more like a star-struck teenager than a spokesman for his cause, but decide for yourself his TheHuggingtonPost article. I ask who's zooming who???

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