Women on Top in a Candy-Colored World, Greener Days Ahead


As a tennis fan I'm delighted to see the Australian Open has once again ushered in the 2013... And what a SMASHING Serena start to the season... Smashing Nike outfits, smashing performances (although last night you were outplayed by sweet and soon to be champion of American tennis Sloane Stephens of Jersey) and a smashing moment that proved again Ms. Williams insistence on making tennis a contact sport—woman against court. Please know the court will always win and your racquet will always loose. Love the passion and love you as a role model. Not ready for a changing of the guard although I'm afraid we're there... 1st-class show Ms. Stephens.

One woman still on top of her game as both a player and a product plugger is Maria Sharapova... Yesterday I was delighted to learn she now has her own sweet treat brand Sugarpova.com, which is now my SECOND favorite brand coming out of Central Florida. I do my best to support local talent, especially when it's not in directly competition with 2JANE.com and most assuredly when some of its proceeds benefit kids' charity... Buy, eat, enjoy, give.

Speaking of candylicious fun... A good friend (owner of Doxa Home, yet another FLA decor business) just gave me a brightly stripped Kate Spade Umbrella and it's my favorite new object in my world... There's just not enough bold, bright beauty in the world so I was DELIGHTED to see Sasha embracing Spade at the inauguration. Go on with your fashion Obama ladies, your effortlessness should be celebrated, never denigrated. Just please don't everyone go on about Michelle's new fringe (I mean bangs) as you did about her arms...

And to the man of the family, Prez O, I know you love your female kinfolk and the rest of us double X's so much you even included a call for 'Equal Pay' to your short, sweet 2nd inaugural. Thank you for the thought. I have no idea when policy will mandate the practice, but it's not oft enough spoken about and I hope that once your climate concerns are properly addressed we can move on to doing away with the fuzzy math that devalues dollars when a woman is at work. Good luck with the final 4!

Roxie Mae

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