Tile Tattoos Hit Hollywood; Emma Jeffs Window Film Reveal


'Happy Days' at 2JANE... Yes, that was meant to be a TV reference as we've just had a lovely order from everyone's new favorite sitcom 'New Normal' by the small screen creative genius Ryan Murphy (Glee, Nip Tuck...). In an upcoming 'New Normal' episode one of the sets will allegedly be donning our Mibo Tile Tattoos (Loverstone Platinum on Clear to be exact). When we get closer to airtime I'll reveal the name of this lactose, or should I say 'lactating', inspired episode (what do you expect, it's a family show)... I'm so proud our Tile Tattoos are all grown up and making their way in Hollywood...

Also filling me with product pride is the unbelievably cool new line of window film—the Peek Thru Collection—from modern materials creative genius Emma Jeffs. Not only does this collection feature the usual glorious pattern stylings of Ms. Jeffs but, just as the name says, the designs incorporate slivers of reveal so you can take a gander out the outside world... We've just printed a marketing piece featuring photos from our first shoot and I can't wait to send it to all of our favorite print and online editors, in the hopes they'll love the new PVC-free designs... As we all strive for that Brighter, Greener World!


And a final point of pride... My season favorite clothing creative genius Anthony Ryan Auld took the gold last night on 'Project Runway'. Mondo, you still have my heart, but it was a real joy to see another bold talent take the stage and blur the lines of art and fashion. Fearless designing was rewarded. Bravo!

Roxie Mae

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  • Roxie Mae Lackman