Books, Building and A Single Boy


Must share news: I visited Phaidon Press today to check out the new book Where Chef's Eat and discovered a 50% off sale! For an elite publisher specializing in art, food, architecture, and design titles, this is a fantastic value. I currently have tomes on Gerrit Rietveld—thank you for the Red/Blue Chair & the Schroeder House—and Concrete—a celebration book—in my cart... Hope my coffee table can handle the weight...

Did someone say concrete? I hope the 50 billion the House of Reps has just approved to help the Northeast post-Sandy is spent solely on concrete! Forget good design or progressive architecture... Please! Can someone responsibly address the roads, public transport, bridges, and foundations that are in grave danger of failing our most populated areas... It shouldn't take a hurricane to call our attention to this urgent matter!

And in more building news, this morning in London Europe's tallest residential tower was hit in a tragic helicopter accident. London's skyline is growing faster than the Kardashian family and the high-reaching cranes proved too much for a foggy morning. This shouldn't happen in a time when fiery objects in the sky are everyone's worst nightmare, but there's always a price for progress. Man versus nature rears its ugly head...

in good news from London: Town & Country says Prince Harry is the world's most eligible bachelor. I second that! Harry, I love your joie de vivre in the face of an otherwise lifeless monarchy... Party on, my Prince!


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  • Roxie Mae Lackman