Dresses, Jewelry, and... Politics?


Yes, I'm talking about last night's Golden Globes... Politics was the winning theme of the night and we have the Foreign Press to thank for that. Despite most Americans keeping their heads in the sand about global issues, the Foreign Press—who picks the Globe winners—reminded us that even Ben Affleck should be respected when taking on cloak and dagger intrigue during the Carter Administration...

Quick word on the dresses: I Love Lucy Liu and LOVE Carolina Herrera but hated their collaboration. Just say NO to Laura Ashley meets Edwardian...  Flip side: Julianne Moore and Tom Ford made magic. Thank you for a block print and beehive that both worked. 1960's welcome to the 21st century. Finally done right. Adele take notes.

And last, but not least... The jewelry... Famed OTT ICE provider Harry Winston was well represented with the usual one-night loaners, and then wasn't it grand that today the SWATCH buy-out of HW was announced. Design won over dollars...

In other time piece news: The world's thinnest watch from Chicago's IDEO design team:


Not sure this will be seen at the Globes... EVER... but movies and minimalism so rarely mix. Thank GAWD.

Roxie Mae

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