Kitchen Backsplash Mosaic Tile Decal Mashup: Stone & Polish

Today's mosaic tile mashup is for all those who love decorating in blue. By combining the soft tones and textures of a stone floor & painted fingernails we've created a lovely vision of dreamy blues.

What would you like to see over your kitchen sink?

Kitchen Mosaic Tile Decal Mashup: Blue

Happy Cyber Monday: XMAS2013 Discount Code

Season's Greetings from Team 2JANE in Florida!

We wish you Happy Holiday shopping and hope you'll use our discount code XMAS2013 for 15% off all purchases.


  • Roxie Mae Lackman

Future of Green Design

3-D printed chair

Emerald GREEN might be Pantone's color of 2013, but we see GREEN as the official shade of design for years to come. Our favorite ideas for a GREEN future:

  • Roxie Mae Lackman

Beginner's Guide to Eco Friendly Building: 1, 2, 3... GO GREEN!

This month we've shared some of our favorite green products to fill our homes. Now here's an easy 1, 2, 3 beginner's guide to GREEN building...
  • Roxie Mae Lackman

Eco Friendly Pretty Products for the Home

Farrow&Ball PaintsA green home can also be a beautiful home. Here are some of our favorite picks to make your home as prettily trendy as it is eco friendly.

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Green & Organic Practically Perfect Products for the Home

Turkish Bath TowelsThe leaves outside may be turning orange and brown, but 2Jane is going green! Throughout the month of October we're celebrating our favorite ways to keep eco-chic. 

  • Roxie Mae Lackman

Photo Essay Friday: Street Art in Rome & Montreal

During my travels in recent months I was lucky enough to visit 2 world cultural capitols for the first time... I have to admit that eating was a favorite part of both journeys, most notably Leméac in Montreal (try the French Toast dessert, yes that's the correct course!) and La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali in Rome, where you'll want to try any of the daily fresh pasta, but it was the random acts of street art that captured my imagination and heart...
  • Roxie Mae Lackman

Black & White and Loved Allover

If there's a reason not to love black and white I haven't discovered it...

  • Roxie Mae Lackman

Fall in NYC : Fashion on the Runway; Fabulous on the Court

Bold and beautiful fashion and sport in NYC...

  • Roxie Mae Lackman

House of the Rising Sun

There are so many days that we wish we could grasp on to sun and hold it in place, forcing the daylight to never end. What if it didn’t have to? In some parts of the world, it doesn’t. The midnight sun is just that—a natural phenomenon in which the sun shines during the midnight hour and well beyond, provided the weather conditions are clear. 

  • Roxie Mae Lackman