Emma Jeffs Zoom Zoom Window Film

Stickpretty Certified

Created by UK designer Emma Jeffs, this charming film for kids allows you to add whimsy and privacy wherever it's needed. You only have to look as far as the window to see all the wonders of the sky and guess the inspiration behind the playful Zoom Zoom print.

The pvc- and phthalate-free film filters UV rays without releasing harmful chemicals when heated by the sun. It is not affected by condensation or indirect water spray so it's great in the bathroom.

Zoom Zoom installs in minutes and lasts the life of your interior, but will not damage glass in any way if removed. (Not reusable after removing.) We recommend you give it a try and watch your kids' imagination fly.


  • Watch Emma Jeffs window film video segment on HGTV's "I Want That" series.

  • This film can be applied to all smooth clean glass, acrylic, or mirrored surfaces. The film is not affected by condensation. It is not for use on outdoor surfaces, or inside where it will subject to intense heat (e.g. behind a stove) or in the direct line of water spray in a bath or kitchen. It has a multi-directional (all-over) pattern, so it can be placed vertically or horizontally.

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    Yes, however, it is not repositionable or reusable. Normally the film can be peeled away after separating a corner from the glass. A blow dryer can be used to warm the film and loosen the adhesive if necessary. When removed it will not damage the glass or leave any residue.


    It has a minimum of 3 years durability.

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  • Designer Emma Jeffs demonstrates the application of the window film. You should not attempt to install the window film without first reading the instructions.



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