Happy Cyber Monday: XMAS2013 Discount Code December 02 2013

Season's Greetings from Team 2JANE in Florida! We wish you Happy Holiday shopping and hope you'll use our discount code XMAS2013 for 15% off all purchases.  

Future of Green Design November 06 2013

3-D printed chair

Emerald GREEN might be Pantone's color of 2013, but we see GREEN as the official shade of design for years to come. Our favorite ideas for a GREEN future:

Beginner's Guide to Eco Friendly Building: 1, 2, 3... GO GREEN! October 26 2013

This month we've shared some of our favorite green products to fill our homes. Now here's an easy 1, 2, 3 beginner's guide to GREEN building...

Eco Friendly Pretty Products for the Home October 10 2013

Farrow&Ball PaintsA green home can also be a beautiful home. Here are some of our favorite picks to make your home as prettily trendy as it is eco friendly.

Green & Organic Practically Perfect Products for the Home October 02 2013

Turkish Bath TowelsThe leaves outside may be turning orange and brown, but 2Jane is going green! Throughout the month of October we're celebrating our favorite ways to keep eco-chic. 

Photo Essay Friday: Street Art in Rome & Montreal September 20 2013

During my travels in recent months I was lucky enough to visit 2 world cultural capitols for the first time... I have to admit that eating was a favorite part of both journeys, most notably Leméac in Montreal (try the French Toast dessert, yes that's the correct course!) and La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali in Rome, where you'll want to try any of the daily fresh pasta, but it was the random acts of street art that captured my imagination and heart...

Black & White and Loved Allover September 13 2013

If there's a reason not to love black and white I haven't discovered it...

Fall in NYC : Fashion on the Runway; Fabulous on the Court September 06 2013

Bold and beautiful fashion and sport in NYC...

House of the Rising Sun August 29 2013

There are so many days that we wish we could grasp on to sun and hold it in place, forcing the daylight to never end. What if it didn’t have to? In some parts of the world, it doesn’t. The midnight sun is just that—a natural phenomenon in which the sun shines during the midnight hour and well beyond, provided the weather conditions are clear. 

Hippie Chic Summer Tunes & Togs August 22 2013

The kids are headed back to school and football season is merely weeks away, which can only mean one thing: Summer, as we know it, is coming to an end. And with the close of the season's long, lazy days so too fade the last notes from the summer music festivals. But the fashion lingers... In fact, it's fun to note how little it's changed in the 43 years since the days-long concert genre began.



Bedfellows, Stranger Than Fiction: Banksy & the Rich, Bezos & The Post, and Orson Welles & All of Hollywood August 14 2013

LA art world: Hide your checkbooks! Banksy has asked that his graffiti works not be purchased so why not respect him...

Get Our Picks On Route 66 August 07 2013

If you're looking to take the road less traveled, Route 66 is probably not the path for you. This iconic highway, established in 1926, is easily one of the most famous roads in the US. There is so much to do and see along the way, from the Cadilac Ranch to neon-laced motels, but for the sake of organization and interest, I’m going to focus on everyone’s favorite part of a road-trip: the food.

Time Tested; Victory Approved August 01 2013

What comes to your mind when you think of iconic design? Julius Schulman's 1960 photograph of the Stahl house leads us into the topic of all things iconic-- from Jackie Kennedy to wooden sailing ships. 



Pools: The Shallow-End History of A Summer Staple July 30 2013

As we make our way into the deep-end of summer, we find that cooling off in the pool is borderline necessary. What would summer be like without them? Who do we have to thank for making this possible? Let’s take a look and find out.

Parisian Point of View; Presidential Libraries, too July 23 2013

With yesterday's conclusion of the Tour de France came the end of 3 weeks of magnificent aerial views of France. But before the yellow jersey was presented to the 100th Tour's deserving but visually arresting winner—Chris Froome's exceptional height for a cyclist makes him appear remarkably awkward on a bike—we were treated to a final camera sweep across the City of Lights.

New Vintage: the welcomed come-back of the retro beach look July 20 2013

Current swimwear trends of black+white, striped patterns, retro structure, and higher waistlines are crashing the shoreline in a big way. Drawing influence from classic roots in a manner that manages to feel as refreshing as a dip in the ocean. Coco Chanel meets Gidget in this new wave of uber-feminine, flattering, and functional design. 

Americana Vacation, Iconic Destination: Hotel Valley Ho July 16 2013

 For my warm weather Holiday I visited the Hotel Valley Ho, where the sky meets the Sonoran Desert in architect Frank Lloyd Wright's beloved town of Scottsdale. Built in 1956 and currently owned by Westroc Hotels & Resorts, this vintage 178-room gem was designed by one of Wright's proteges, Edward L. Varney, and was frequented by movie stars and sports heros in its heyday.

Celebrate Summer: cool off with a shot July 11 2013

The 4th of July may be over, but summer is just beginning.We were inspired by the Americana aesthetic of this inviting seaside cottage to remind us to keep our patriotic spirit on fire while trying to cool off. 

The best way to cure the “I just had the best holiday ever and now it’s over” blues is to keep celebrating all summer long.  When I think about summer as a kid, one of the first things that comes to mind are those delicious red, white, and blue popsicles. You remember them right?

Because sometimes... Life is Fair March 14 2013

The State Fair, or in the case of these pictures that I took last week, The Florida Strawberry Festival, has always been and always will be magical to me. 

I'll never forget what happened two years ago.  We were driving down the coast of Southern California in the late autumn when my friends and I saw the last thing we had ever expected to see in Malibu: "Is that a Carnival?!?" we all squealed in harmony. 

Milan & Movie Magic & Fashion... and Affleck Disses Canada February 23 2013

Milan fashion week is on and just hours ago Bottega Venetta presented one of the prettiest fall collections, according to those lucky enough to check out the runway.

Despite hitting $1 billion in US sales for the first time last year, the relatively new clothiers did not turn up the volume and begin logo-branding their products (as is the trend) but they remain tasteful and elegant, elevating simplicity to the sublime.

Presidents, Pole Position, & a Paen to Ballet February 18 2013

As someone who very nearly devoted her career to studying dear Mr. Lincoln I can't let today pass without a nod to the best American EVER. Made up of equal parts intellect, melancholy, & wit and losing as many elections as he won, he beat all the odds coming out of political retirement and getting elected President as the 1st Republican, anti-slavery nominee so he could reverse the newly legislated legality (via the Kansas/Nebraska Act and the Dred Scott decision) of America's worst humanitarian transgression. He stands eternally at the crossroads of liberty and equality, our 2 greatest contributions to government of, by, and for the people. Thank you, Mr. Lincoln.

Loving LuLu Guinness, Hermes, Fashion Fringe, Oscar de la Renta, Mondrian, & Steve Martin @ 67 February 14 2013

Let's keep it simple on a day full of flourish... Here's what I love right now!

Steve Martin, at the age of 67, keeping the birth of his first baby secret for 2 months...

Oscar de la Renta bringing Galiano back...

Mibo Tile Tattoos in Cobalt Blue, A Devilishly Divine Color February 09 2013

We're delighted to introduce COBALT TILE TATTOOS, as a cost efficient way to add character and pop and make a room sing with care-free Mediterranean delight.

A color created with the essential Element Cobalt, which comes from the German word Kobald—underground goblin or evil spirt—and the Greek word for mine—cobalos—these bold, blue compounds have been used in the decorative arts since at least the Middle Ages.

'To the Loo' with The Seattle Times on SuperBowl Sunday February 02 2013

Thanks to Becca Teagarden, Home Goddess Extraordinaire, for Tile Tattoo coverage in The Seattle Times Pacific NW Magazine. Not only is this possibly our most original coverage—tying the Tile Tattoos to the notion of toilet breaks during SuperBowl Sunday is wildly clever—but the coverage is second-to-none in its accuracy as the tats are 'Goddess-tested and -approved' by Ms. Teagarden, a 2JANE customer. 2JANE loves The Seattle Times and we appreciate having space in one of the countries last surviving Sunday newspaper magazines...

Bloody Good Healthy Bloody Marys from Scratch, Gluten-Free Vodka January 31 2013

Whether consumed as a savory hair-of-the dog treat or a culinary brunch pleasure, Bloody Marys are an essential part of my Sunday diet. And, as the Super Bowl approaches, they just might get bumped to Monday... After too many beers I suggest you pull out your travel mugs and fill 'er up for a morning pick-me-up! Or, consider treating yourself when you wake up early on Sunday to prepare your football feast.

Navy is a Go; Girls Say 'No' to BVO January 29 2013

I'd like to give a nod to navy at the SAG Awards for an understated statement. Worn by J Law, Busy Phillips, and Amanda Seyfriend, whose art-deco embellished, lavendar-jade necklace by Lorraine Schwartz was an equally well styled moment, the rich, saturated color blue proved a worthy companion to the red carpet. Better than black, except maybe Ann Hathaway who really managed to pop in her paneled frock... Speaking of...

Equal Opportunity... Female Warriors and Fashionistas January 25 2013

I left off 2 days ago thanking Prez O for pledging pay equity and today I couldn't be more pleased that the focus is females on the front line, even if it is just Panetta securing his legacy... Fully armed and active ladies is just as important an advance on rights and the fact that anyone is questioning women's choice or right of equality on ANY topic at this stage...

Women on Top in a Candy-Colored World, Greener Days Ahead January 23 2013

As a tennis fan I'm delighted to see the Australian Open has once again ushered in the 2013... And what a SMASHING Serena start to the season... Smashing Nike outfits, smashing performances (although last night you were outplayed by sweet and soon to be champion of American tennis Sloane Stephens of Jersey) and a smashing moment that proved again Ms. Williams insistence on making tennis a contact sport—woman against court....

Tile Tattoos Hit Hollywood; Emma Jeffs Window Film Reveal January 18 2013

'Happy Days' at 2JANE... Yes, that was meant to be a TV reference as we've just had a lovely order from everyone's new favorite sitcom 'New Normal' by the small screen creative genius Ryan Murphy (Glee, Nip Tuck...). In an upcoming 'New Normal' episode one of the sets will allegedly be donning our Mibo Tile Tattoos (Loverstone Platinum on Clear to be exact). When we get closer to airtime I'll reveal the name of this lactose, or should I say 'lactating', inspired episode (what do you expect, it's a family show)... I'm so proud our Tile Tattoos are all grown up and making their way in Hollywood...

Books, Building and A Single Boy January 16 2013

Must share news: I visited Phaidon Press today to check out the new book Where Chef's Eat and discovered a 50% off sale! For an elite publisher specializing in art, food, architecture, and design titles, this is a fantastic value. I currently have tomes on Gerrit Rietveld—thank you for the Red/Blue Chair & the Schroeder House—and Concrete—a celebration book—in my cart... Hope my coffee table can handle the weight......

Dresses, Jewelry, and... Politics? January 14 2013

Yes, I'm talking about last night's Golden Globes... Politics was the winning theme of the night and we have the Foreign Press to thank for that. Despite most Americans keeping their heads in the sand about global issues, the Foreign Press—who picks the Globe winners—reminded us that even Ben Affleck should be respected when taking on cloak and dagger intrigue during the Carter Administration... Quick word on the dresses: I...

New FACEBOOK Launch January 12 2013

Introducing our new FACEBOOK page for deals, news, & postings. Fun and fabulous we'll do our best to reward you for reading.  Link now and check out our first campaign to win free product! See you there soon. Roxie Mae

Paparazzi Privacy Film has Arrived! March 28 2012

Order this great new adhesive window film now! Don't pay for expensive frosted glass when our Paparazzi Privacy window film can give you the shading you the look you want at a price you'll love!

Real Simple Names a Best Shopping Site March 28 2012

  The Best Shopping Websites Best Gift Shopping Websites "... This site features inventive items you may have a hard time giving away."  Click hear to go see the Real Simple list of all their favorite web site!

'I Want That' March 28th Feature! March 27 2012

Everyone be sure and catch Emma Jeffs window film on the DIY Network's I Want That  March 28th. Fantastic coverage!

Apartment Therapy 10 Ways to Customize a Rental Apartment March 27 2012

Thanks for the great coverage on Apartment Therapy! No one's better at spreading the word that Tile Tattoos and Window Film are affordable, fun ways to create your own space.

Paparazzi Privacy Film Coming Soon! March 13 2012

 You asked for it and now we have it: Eco-Chic specially coated privacy film that's as simple as it is practical. Pre-order now—888.667.6961. $54 for a 40" x 50" sheet.

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